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Rebranding a pop culture icon.

Marvel Entertainment

Logo design, visual identity, design system, typography, publication design.

When Marvel initiated an ambitious relaunch of their X-Men franchise in 2019, they required a new creative direction that touched on every aspect of the line, signalling a new Dawn of X.

Building on a new “X” brand mark a comprehensive publication program was developed that included bespoke typography, logos, book and cover design—resulting in increased brand awareness and engagement through a unified brand system built in the language of X. People have the tattoos to prove it.

X-Men brand identity
X-Men comics logos and covers


Branding A New World.
Build A Rocket Boy

Logo design, visual identity, design system, guidelines, type design, motion graphics.

A modern, timeless identity for the upcoming game & platform Everywhere created by Leslie Benzies (ex Rockstar North, GTA franchise) and his new studio Build A Rocket Boy. Built on a flexible design system the identity, bespoke typography and motion language was built around an iconic symbol and logo that represents Everywhere — giving the game a unique identity that cuts through the noise.
Time For A New World.

(Motion graphics by Silver Machine Studios.)

Everywhere identity

Graphic Design for Fiction

Visual Identities with Stories.


Logo design, visual identity, art direction, course content.

My Domestika course captures my full creative process — from that initial idea to the final design. I teach not just my way of working; but the creative approach and the thinking behind my work. From the X-Men rebrand and my work on numerous comics I show how to translate powerful stories into memorable brand identities with a unique narrative spin using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

Join the course at Domestika.

Graphic Design for Fiction


Connecting Culture.


Logo design, visual identity, design system, presentation design.

A dynamic and future-proof visual identity for creative agency & content studio IHEARTCOMIX (IHC). With roots in music, pop and visual culture the company is known for staging immersive events and creating original IP — from film activations to fan-favourite Amazon programming. Evolving their  brand, the new identity reflects the fun, excitement and engagement they bring to fans.

(Motion graphics by Vandivision.)

IHEARTCOMIX brand identity mix

Fonts Knowledge

From Type to Logotype.

Google Fonts

Typography, logo design.

Article for Google Fonts Knowledge that shows designers how they can go from font to logo. Imagining a speculative future Moon mission as its subject, the article is a deep dive into the creative process of developing a visual identity starting from existing typefaces in the Google Fonts library—from sketch, type selection, and design to the creation and application of the final logo.

Read the article at Google Fonts.

Google Fonts Knowledge LUNA
Google Fonts Knowledge LUNA sample images


The Only Way Out Is In.

Dark Horse Publishing

Logo design, book & publication design.

Cover and publication design for the critically acclaimed series Mazebook from writer and artist Jeff Lemire (Netflix’s Sweet Tooth, Essex County). A bespoke "Mazebook" logotype that mimics the angled, hesitant movements of someone drawing a line through a maze follows the narrative thread of a father searching for the memory of his daughter within an unfinished maze from her journals.

A limited edition was designed turning that idea into a physical object, taking the reader along with the protagonist. The cloth cover features the embroidered logotype as a continuous path from the back into a foil-stamped maze on the front cover.

Mazebook publication design

Skyrim 10th Anniversary

Celebrating a gaming icon

AKQA for Bethesda

Logo design, guidelines, SKU pack art.

The biggest game in the Elder Scrolls franchise celebrates its 10th anniversary—and to mark this milestone a new definitive edition of the game was released alongside other anniversary initiatives. This called for a bespoke treatment of the iconic Dragon Mark, identity guidelines—and game packaging that celebrates the Skyrim legacy and the millions of fans worldwide.

Skyrim 10th anniversary logo
Skyrim anniversary edition

Best of 2000 AD

Thrill Power for a new audience.

Rebellion Publishing

Logo design, publication design.

Best of 2000 AD brings the best stories of the iconic British weekly magazine to the American market. The first new title 2000 AD has released in 30 years, the publication needed a brand new design language that builds on the heritage, filtered through a contemporary lens for a modern audience. Launched to wide acclaim, the first issue has already gone through multiple sold out printings.

Best of 2000 AD Vol 1 cover design
Best of 2000 AD publication design


Making a mark in Hollywood.

Hivemind Content, Inc.

Logo design, visual identity, guidelines, toolkit.

Logo and visual identity for Hivemind, the entertainment company behind The Witcher franchise (Netflix), and The Expanse (Amazon). With adaptation in mind, the bold and iconic identity effortlessly moves from Twitter avatar to IMAX screen—stamping a unique mark on their work.

Hivemind logo sampler
Hivemind visual identity


War has become a spectator sport.

Image Comics

Logo design, visual identity, book & publication design.

A design system for a world in which war has become a commercialised spectator sport and where celebrity soldiers vie for fame, profit, and the glory of their sponsor nations.

A distinct visual language was developed to bring the world of VS—created by Iván Brandon & Esad Ribíc—to life, visualising the pervasive stream of reality TV transmissions, celebrity sponsorships, product placements and broadcast graphics that are part of, and drive, the narrative.

VS publication design
VS branding


Logos, symbols, mastheads and graphic marks


Logo design.

A selection of logos, mastheads and graphic marks for clients in publishing, film, technology and entertainment: Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics, Sony Pictures, WIRED, Google, Image Comics, Valiant Publishing, Darren Aronofsky, Tori Amos, Ashley Wood, et al.

Logo designs
Logo designs
Logo designs
Logo designs
Logo designs
Logo designs
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From startups to entertainment giants, tech pioneers, pop culture icons and the spaces in-between, helloMuller helps companies grow, innovate and make their mark.

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A grid of client logos including Marvel  and Google.
A grid of client logos including Disney